Business Start-Up

Financial forecasting part one – How important is a profit and loss forecast?

A pair of binoculars on a map, with the words, 'part one... be prepared for what lies ahead'

A forecast can you help answer questions like; How much better could my business be if I looked at the numbers in advance? What is my growth going to look like? What impact is that growth going to have on my working capital? Can I expand my business and make new hires? And do I need to assess my investment spending?

Why successful entrepreneurs are risk takers

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There are actions you can take to weigh up the value of the risk. The first step in calculating whether to take it or not is usually to understand your own limits. Understand your comfort zone and how far you’re willing to push those limits.

Case study: One to one business mentoring

Duray Pretorius with the blog title

“I met a couple of guys who were firefighters and I remember actually recognising the moment when they stopped working IN their business and started working ON it. They began training others to do the job, it was fascinating to watch.”

The one-page business model canvas

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The one-page business model allows entrepreneurs like you to visualise your business and the key elements within it that shape your strategy.

10 reasons to run your own business

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Because you’re in control of your own career and no longer beholden to someone else’s ‘why’, you will always be motivated to maintain that job security. That means every day will be motivating!