Business mentoring

How can a business mentor help you?

A business person next to a hand-drawn rocket

A business mentor has experience to share that fills any knowledge gaps or provides another perspective, they have demonstrable tactics and tools to share that gets you closer to positive gain and they provide external motivation and accountability. Business has many ups and downs so a mentor’s support will keep you focused on your why, your purpose and your reasons for running your business.

Case study: One to one business mentoring

Duray Pretorius with the blog title

“I met a couple of guys who were firefighters and I remember actually recognising the moment when they stopped working IN their business and started working ON it. They began training others to do the job, it was fascinating to watch.”

Case study: One to one business mentoring

One to one business mentoring client, Sandra Larner, with the title

We are still on our journey but so much closer to where we want to be! The Accounts Place is no longer ‘just a bookkeeping business’, but a premium service that becomes part of your business to support with everything from entering accounts payable invoices through to preparing multi-divisional budgets and five-year plans.

Case study: One to one business mentoring

Rebecaa Woolmington, 1-2-1 business mentoring client

I was looking for someone that didn’t specialise in one area but could offer the benefit of their expertise across a range of subjects. Mike fitted the bill.