Barriers to success

Business Q&A with me, Mike Foster the Entrepreneurs Mentor

You will need a support network of people around you. Not just family and friends that will give you unconditional support, but as important as that is, you’ll need someone who will question and challenge your decisions, dedication, perseverance and drive. Someone that will help you develop a growth mindset.

3 ways to find the strength to say no!

A woman with her hand up signifying, 'no', with the words, 'master the art of saying no, to get the business you desire

Can you say no to someone who doesn’t give you the respect you deserve? A persistent late payer, a non-communicative customer… Can you say no to a prospective new employee that shows promise, but isn’t the right fit, right now?

Why successful entrepreneurs are risk takers

A rock climber, practising a risky pass time!

There are actions you can take to weigh up the value of the risk. The first step in calculating whether to take it or not is usually to understand your own limits. Understand your comfort zone and how far you’re willing to push those limits.