Our Step Change Mentoring Programme

Passionately working with entrepreneurs to start, develop and grow their business.

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What is the step change you want to make?

So running a business is sometimes lonely. 
Who provides you with support and an alternative perspective to help your key decision making?

Are you starting a business or growing and feel you want support?
Do you need help making and keeping commitments to deliver the right high pay off actions in a timely manner?
Do you want to ensure you are managing your time effectively?

Perhaps you have the technical skills but need assistance with other skill areas, expertise or knowledge?
Are you thinking what activity will make a difference to my success?

Like many of our clients, it is likely that you would like to spend more time effectively working 'on' your business rather than 'in' it and would like to work with proven methods rather than reinventing the wheel.  
So you could also benefit from the support of an experienced entrepreneur who knows about running businesses and will share that experience to give you the confidence to take action. 

We work with entrepreneurs like you to help them start and grow their business towards the desired vision and dreams.
For start-ups, the various statistics around the early years of a new business never makes positive reading, so we work with entrepreneurs like you to support them and survive the statistically difficult start up period, where so many fail. 

We will agree your focus and direction to MAKE IT HAPPEN for you, your team and your customers. We will identify your ideal customer and develop your offering with credibility to maximise a strategy for lead generation and sales.

With our Step Change Mentoring Programme we work with you to take you to the next level.

We offer mentoring to either work on all areas of your business, step by step, in a systemised way or we can work with you on specific areas that are currently an obstacle for you.

We work with our clients either face to face or by telephone or Skype and together we personalise the programme to suit you and look to include areas such as:


1. Establishing your Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives 

2. Understand and use your true motivation
- the real reason why, your definition of success, your values, Work / life - a balanced approach

3. Creating the right foundation with those important initial considerations

4. What is your Market Opportunity
- defining your organisations identity, your ideal Clients, expertise or niche, research, the pain & problems to solve, 

5. Developing your offering
- The Products and Services, benefits for your customers, why you, 

6. Understanding your numbers to make them work
- your finances, the black and white numbers, ratios and trends, key success drivers, your top 5 KPI's, 

7. Systemisation of your business
- the 8 actions of the UK's successful businesses do every year, operational excellence, effective use of your time,

8. Your strategic and tactical marketing
- know your target market, identify the activities to attract your customers, taking your product or service to market, maximising your lead conversion to sales

9. How to maximise your people investment 
Creating and developing relationships with employees, associates and suppliers, recruitment, management, development, retention,

10. The systemised steps of effective business growth to make as a habit in your business

    Please contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you.


    As a respected mentor and business adviser, we will help you measure where you are today, understand and set your true goals, identify the barriers to your success, understand the support you will need, plan the various action steps and keep your progress on track towards achieveing the success, as defined by only you.

    A mentoring relationship is always confidential and personalised to you and your business. Our mentoring approach includes a combination of support, advice, coaching, inspiration, encouragement and challenges. Someone once said a business mentor is "someone whose hindsight can become your foresight". You will be motivated to take action and we ensure you benefit from our work together by holding you accountable for the actions we have agreed will make a difference. 

    Lead Mentor, Mike Foster 'The Entrepreneurs Mentor' has spent his past working in the start up sector with a major high street bank as an area manager, then with a leisure start up before starting his own companies. During 2014 he was responsible for setting up the PracticeBuilder programme for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Those that know Mike will know he is passionate about entrepreneurship and supporting other business owners. You can read more about Mike by clicking here.

    Our business mentoring and business support service crosses all sectors including professional services such as bookkeepers, accountantsSolicitors, property agents, surveyors, architects, consultants, doctors, dentists, engineers and financial advisers.
    In addition we have experience in 
    leisure and hospitality and the not for profit charitable sector

    Mike Foster is a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and is certificated by www.getmentoring.org.  

    We are also able to offer support via the government schemes for business growth advice. Mike Foster is recognised as a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator and as an accredited Growth Voucher Adviser.

    "As I solely own the business, working with Mike has given me the support that I was missing and which I did not realise I needed until he started to identify various ways we could operate our business more effectively. We have never looked back in recruiting Mike as our advisor".

    Please contact us and let's discuss how we can help you.

    Working with us gives you support and brings results

    Specialising in start-up and growth, we will take you on a journey that will transform the way you work, how you approach your business and help you to create great profits by working with your ideal customers.Success or failure cycle

    One-to-one mentoring

    We can work together on a one-to-one basis, either face to face or by telephone or Skype, so distance is not a problem.

    You can also choose the best approach to suit you and your budget. Our objective is to understand your true motivation, how we can help and then help you achieve your goals and objectives by sharing our knowledge, skills and experience whilst developing your own.

    We only offer a limited number of one-to-one mentoring packages at the same time, to ensure we can provide our best attention and commitment to all our clients.
    So please contact us as soon as possible to ensure our availability matches your needs.

    Call us today on 01865 593933 to discuss which of our one-to-one mentoring packages would best suit you.

    Group mentoring

    Alternatively, subject to availability, you can join other like minded entrepreneurs in group sessions delivered either face to face or through conference call web seminars.

    These sessions still work on the development of your business, but on a group basis instead of providing you with our undivided attention. The group mentoring sessions provide you with the additional aspect of peer group sharing, where other business owners are encouraged to share their experiences.

    A group mentoring programme will usually last a minimum of six months.

    Funding available

    The government are currently offering funding support with the Growth Voucher and Growth Accelerator schemes.

    Mike Foster is an accredited Growth Voucher Adviser and can provide bespoke strategic marketing and retention advice. 
    If you run a small business and are looking for professional advice, then the Growth Vouchers programme could help by giving you up to £2,000 to cover half the cost. 
    You can read more with my GV profile at https://marketplace.enterprisenation.com/advisers/6949

    In addition, Mike is also a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator, providing expert, tailored advice to help businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

    From time to time we also offer part funding. This is provided from the MF Start Up Foundation, a fund established by Mike for supporting entrepreneurs and the growth of their start up business. The foundation is funded by the sales of our DVD www.startyourownbusinessdvd.co.uk


    Please contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you.


    Thinking of getting in touch


    Business Mentoring vs Coaching

    Business Mentoring is usually defined as a longer term relationship, that provides focus to an individuals development within their business. The role of the mentor is to provide support, ideas and contribute with their experience, knowledge and expertise.

    Mentoring enables personal experiences and thoughts of the coach to be expressed and shared to enable you, the client, to learn and develop your business.  Any decision or action made by the client is entirely with their responsibility.  

    Business Coaching is defined as a much shorter term experience, which focuses on the specific challenges for the individual. The role of the coach to to utilise their skill in the ability to ask questions, challenge and manage the individuals thoughts to provide the insights for taking action.

    Coaching can be described as a conversation, a purposeful focused conversation that inspires you to create the life, business successes or goals that you want.  Coaching is not advice, it is not counselling or therapy.  In the coaching process you will set yourself achievable goals or outcomes and take charge of your outcomes. You will discover your hidden beliefs and remove any beliefs that have a self limiting effect on you. You will learn to be positive, to focus on what you really want.  It is an empowering process and your coach is there to support, motivate and guide you along your journey.  

    The ability to mix both mentoring and coaching can be a powerful combination, which we strive to deliver when working with our clients for the best results.

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