Marketing support

Personalised ‘hands-on’ Marketing Support for Small Business Owners 

Supporting the actual implementation of your marketing activities to attract, convert and retain more customers.

Do you lack the time to deliver your planned marketing activity?

51 tips Capture imageAre you not achieving the results you desire?

Can you see the potential, but need cost effective support to make it happen?

Would you like to attract more of your ideal customers?

You are a B2B business owner, who has been running your business for over a year and who is doing all the marketing and sales alone or together with a couple of other individuals in the business.

Your background is not in marketing and sales and you have no internal resource to help maximise your skills, knowledge and activities. You depend on random techniques that may have worked in the past but you are finding this approach is not working so well now or think there could be a much better way.

You have a great product or service and are passionate about what you do but you want to make a lot more money doing it.

Your biggest focus is to attract more customers on a consistent basis and convert them into high paying customers who will give you repeat and referral business. 

What your issues tend to be

You are not attracting as many new customers as you would like and perhaps do not have the marketing strategy to maximise the opportunities available to you.

You are working really hard, but not finding the time to do as much marketing and sales as you would like. When you do, you perhaps do not get the results you always desire. This sometimes makes you feel frustrated, stressed and exhausted. 

You’re struggling with all or some of the following:

  • To find enough prospective customers
  • Unclear what marketing activities really work for your business, so are trying most things
  • Not finding the time to undertake your marketing and sales
  • Your investment in marketing is greater than your return at this time 
  • Conversion of your ideal prospects to paying customers could be better
  • No strategy to maximise repeat and referral business from existing customers
  • Not finding the level of customers you need to be able to grow the business

You will keep working hard, but you know you can’t keep on doing the same things and expect the marketing and sales to just happen.

What you need to do right now

Have a step by step system which is not overwhelming but has clear actions that you can implement quickly and effectively.

  • Plan - Establish clear goals for both you and your business and create the accountability you need to give you the business you desire. Generate the strategy that is creates effective action steps to make it happen
  • People - Ensure the right people are undertaking your marketing for you, maximising their time and return on investment.  
  • Attraction - Create an effective marketing strategy and plan how you are going to attract more of your ideal customers and generate your desired income with effective marketing activities.
  • Conversion - Improve your techniques for converting prospects that have shown an interest in your business and persuade them to buy from you without being too pushy.
  • Retention - Implement proven strategies that will have your customer coming back to you again and again. And love you so much they will refer others to you.


If we can support you with your marketing, then please contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss your requirements and understand your options, without any obligation.


Our business is to support your business. 

So grasp the opportunity, take control of your marketing and let us get a grip of your activity to maximise your lead generation opportunities.

We offer you ‘hands on’ support with your marketing and get involved, sharing our expertise to help you run effective campaigns and deliver the implementation of your marketing to maximise what you are already doing, engage more of your ideal customers and increase the number of leads into your business.

Practical marketing support is now available, at an affordable price, to help you gain more prospects and retain your existing customers. 

Just continue doing what you do best, as we take responsibility for the execution of your marketing actions, utilising our effective project management skills and marketing experience, to achieve your goals and objectives.

For peace of mind, our personal service will ensure you always know exactly what your investment is delivering. All our clients have a personal account manager who, on a regular basis, will discuss your plans to confirm or advise on your marketing strategy and then ensure we commit to implementing your marketing activities.

Of course, we offer strategic consultancy, but we differentiate ourselves by committing to excel with the tactical support that will help you and your business grow.

  • Our strategic consultancy offers you new ideas and another perspective, confirms your position in the marketplace and your ideal customer, your desired direction and the planning of your high pay off activities.
  • Our tactical support, which is more hands on, includes our skill, knowledge, innovative approach, actual delivery and experienced project management. We work from either an agreed action plan, following our initial meeting, or to your specific brief. We don’t just tell you what to do, but take responsibility for implementation of the agreed marketing activities.

Our service is flexible to support you and meet your requirements. We personalise our expertise and support to offer you a package that meets your needs and your budget. 

You can outsource your marketing activity in full or simply engage our support for one hour or the equivalent of one day per month.

Our service offers no surprises. We will agree the support you need as part of an agreed retained service. We commit to specific activities, with no minimum term, so that you know upfront your investment and your return

So if you do not have the time or expertise in-house, but need to take action with your marketing then please contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss your requirements and understand your options, without any obligation.

For more details, please contact usMarketing Pie

You can read a testimonial reference from one of our oldest clients by clicking here. 


We offer a range of 'hands on' services to support your marketing including:

Strategic planning

Event management

Social Media management or campaigns

Email marketing promotions, newsletters or communications

Video production

Referral and networking strategies

Website design and build

Design & Print

Team training

Our packages designed to support you:


Marketing services


1. Fingerprint - Our support for your one off project request, enabling us to leave our unique mark on your desired marketing activity.

2. Activ8 - Our retained support service providing 'hands on' support to activate and deliver elements of your overall marketing plan.


3. Leadsource - Our full service management package, taking responsibility for your overall marketing plan and lead generationactivities.


Many of our clients have received consultancy advice before or have a good idea what needs to happen with their marketing activity, but due to time or other reasons the implementation has simply not happened. Does this sound familiar? Well we work with you and make it happen.

Our ‘hands on’ support will help you deliver your plans, meet your deadlines, achieve your financial targets and ultimately deliver more customers.

So why not spend time doing what you do best and let us project manage your marketing activity and help you find more of your ideal customers. 

For more details and a free consultation without any obligation, then please contact us.


The Video below gives you an idea of how we approach our marketing support and work with our clients.


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