Behavioural Assessments

Helping you know more about your leadership / management style and the behaviours in your business

How much easier would it be running your business if you knew more about the personalities around you and their behaviourial style?
Have you considered how your behavioural style interacts with others?

Our research tells us that the entrepreneurs that are more aware about themselves, their leadership and management style and how they can get the best from their team, usually see the best results in terms of both profit and effectively building a business.DISC

If you knew more about working preferences related to behaviourial styles and knew how you or others react under pressure, then surely that can only be of benefit to you and the future business success?
Do you or your people like to work at pace, be in control, be optimistic, like a calm surrounding, need to have full details, hate the detail, avoid any conflict etc? You can establish these characteristics with a behaviourial style profile report.  

For example, if you do not truly know someones style, how can you manage them, recruit them into the right role and if needed sell to them?

We offer a report and, if desired, a supporting consultation service providing feedback that uses DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) to help you understand your strengths, style and compatibility with others.

Supported by tried and tested reporting methods, we will work with you to identify your behavioural style, impact on others, work strengths, possible limitations, understanding of others and self awareness, which can help develop your behavioural agility.

The awareness and agility gained from this understanding of your basic characteristics will help you recruit, lead, manage and sell most effectively.

All from just a 10 minute commitment of your time.
The method we use will help you understand your basic fear, motivator, value to the organisation, management style, sales style and communication style, whichever role you undertake. We will identify your preferred working style, your current work image and your style under pressure.PPA2

If you would like to undertake the assessment for yourself or your team then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mike Foster, The Entrepreneurs Mentor, is a Personality Profile Assessment Practitioner so we are able to provide the reports and importantly help you use the people behavioual assessments to achieve an immediate impact in your business. 

In addition, if you are an employer, then we can also help you recruit, retain, develop and manage your people. We can provide you with an insight into your team, so you know, what motivates them, what are their core strengths and limitations, and what is their potential.

For more details and to establish how behavioural assessments will make a difference to your business, then please contact us

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In the video below, you can see what some well known people think about behavioural assessments