Training & Events

Supporting your continual professional development with training & events

To support your personal and professional development we offer training and organise a series of events that help you work on your business, your skills and your future success.

We can also train your team members or they are welcome to attend any of our 'open' events.

Our training is offered via face to face events and webinars to make the content as accessible as possible.

Our latest events are:

More dates to follow soon

If you are a bookkeeper or accountant, then new events and webinars will be delivered via The Bookkeepers Alliance 



All webinars cost £15 unless stated otherwise
Start at 4pm 
Duration 45 minutes
Limited to 50 places, so please book now to guarantee your place on these webinars

You can watch the webinars on any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection, using any browser with Flash or using an app. There is nothing to download and you will be sent a web link upon booking.
You can listen to the webinar via your computers speakers, headphones or via the telephone by dialling a London based number (an additional cost may apply if you are using the telephone option).



The Step Change to Significant Business Growth

The 10 essential steps that will give you control, confidence and consistency to significantly grow and run your business like clockwork.

Our research has identified 10 steps that every successful business reviews on a regular basis. They ensure that all the individual areas work together for the success of the business. Much like a jigsaw, all the pieces come together for the big picture and you can’t have one piece missing.
This webinar will look at those 10 steps and Mike will share with you some of his thoughts and the tools we use to develop these areas with our clients.


How to win your ideal clients

This webinar will explore both the strategic and the tactical elements of your marketing. Who do you want to attract to your business? How will you find them? What marketing methods work best to ensure your prospects get to know, like and trust you?


The Top 5 numbers in your business

We could spend all day analysing the numbers in our business, but what should we measure to ensure our business is on the right path to success?
This webinar will explore the numbers that matter to you most. Not the black and white numbers in your financial accounts, but the Key Performance Indicators that measure the success of your business. We will also consider the top 5 success drivers for your business.


Maximise your online presence

More and more activity is being placed online. When someone is considering your services, then quite often your online presence plays a big part in the decision making process. So how is your online presence both from a business and personal perspective?
This thought provoking webinar will explore your online presence, the various locations where you may be represented online and how effective your various listings, pages, profiles and other content is for your business. This webinar will help you consider your presence and if any improvements are required.


Interpreting the numbers to make them work for your business

The black and white numbers in our business tell us something about our business but this is never enough without a deeper analysis or understanding of the true numbers in your business.
This webinar will use a case study to demonstrate the use of ratios and trend analysis consideration to identify the real performance of a roofing contractor.


Effective Goal Planning

How effectively do you achieve your goals and objectives? The biggest reason that goals are not achieved is due to the lack of effective planning. In this webinar will look at the process of documenting your goals and the steps to take to ensure that you plan your goals effectively. We will consider the reasons and motivation for wanting to achieve the goal and not just the action steps potentially required. During this session, we will work through a goal you have and plan your successful achievement.



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In House training

All our training content can be personalised to match your 'in house' requirements, so please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Our courses and workshops include:

Strategic and tactical marketing
Helping small business owners to position their business and identify the marketing activities to attract their ideal customer

Making the numbers work
Helping small business owners understand the true numbers and trends in their financial accounts to support their decision making

The initial considerations to create a strong foundation for your start up business
This course is designed to help entrepreneurs consider and start up their own business and create a strong foundation from which to grow.

Starting your own business
This course looks at the initial considerations when starting a business. We will share our experience to help your start your own business effectively and with confidence.

Growing your business with confidence
This course works with business owners to look at how they can grow their small business in a systemised manner.

Maximise your online presence
A look at the marketing activities that help you to maximise your online presence.

Please contact us to find out more about our events, book or enquire about how we can personalise an event for you.