Mentor & Support for Bookkeepers

Supporting bookkeepers to consider, start, develop and grow their own practice

Have you recently qualified and are now looking to start your own bookkeeping practice?
Are you at the stage to grow your practice, but need support to make it happen?
Do you want to create the right foundation from which to start and grow, but perhaps you are unsure what steps to take next?
Do you need someone to act as a sounding board for your ideas and help you take the right direction for your business?
Perhaps you also want to avoid the mistakes made by many others in the past?

Our role as a mentor is to help you start up and grow your own practice by working with you to develop the business that you desire. 
We work with you to build the business, consider proven models and give you the motivation plus confidence to make it happen.

To support our mentoring services, we offer a range of products and services designed to support bookkeepers like you.

You will find some examples of our mentoring with the case studies below, but we can help you set up your business, market your practice, gain more clients, introduce systems and procedures, build a reliable team and much more. 

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You are thinking of starting a business Like Richard who had worked for the same employer for 6 years, but wanted a better work life balance and control. Richard is technically competent, but wants to be sure that it is the right decision and understand how to start a business effectively. 

You have decided to start a business Like Sally who's now made the big decision, but although can offer the product or service is unsure she has the skills for all areas of her business. She is nervous, wants to build confidence and ensure she has considered all matters, whilst understanding how to build a business and find her customers.

You have a business you want to grow Like Nicky who has ran a business for a couple of years, but wants more clients and perhaps a team to help her. However she is not sure how to make this happen from where she is now. 

If they do sound familiar, then we can help. Please take a read of the case studies below and call us for a no obligation conversation about how we can personally help you. 

Our mentoring service will deliver the support you require to give you the confidence and expertise to move ahead on your own in the future. Our support encapsulates the various areas of running a bookkeeping practice from the marketing and sales to win new clients, the recruitment and management of people, choosing the software to suit your ideal clients and implementing the systems that make it happen.  

We guarantee the cost of our support will be covered by the recruitment or retention of more customers, if you take the action we agree is best for your business.

We offer support to suit you. We won't just "coach" you to simply tell us what you think should happen, but we will share with you what is proven to work and personalise that to your business. We get involved with you, we share our passion for the profession and for your personal success, to help you create the business that is a success by your own definition.

You can read more about how our mentoring service works by visiting our business mentoring web page

So why Mike Foster as your mentor?

Mike is professional, personable and knowledgeable about the bookkeeping profession and the skills needed to make your practice a success. 

Following many years in the banking sector industry and the business start up sector, Mike Foster established his own bookkeeping company in 1999 before franchising the business model in 2011 and selling his practice in 2013.

His own bookkeeping business was recognised by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and shortlisted in both 2009 and 2011 for the award of UK's Bookkeeping Practice of the Year.

In 2014 Mike worked with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers to develop the ICB PracticeBuilder programme and previously had beenSubscribe today a volunteer coordinating the area meetings across the Thames Valley and South region, plus organising events for members in his home county, Oxfordshire. He has also delivered masterclass seminars in marketing and growing a bookkeeping practice.
Mike also spoke at the 2011 Conference and having been voted by the delegates as the favourite speaker, he has been invited back to speak again in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and at times asked to join the members panel for question time. 

Between 2006 and 2014, Mike also owned a marketing support business, that helped clients consider their strategy and implement their marketing activities. He knows what works and especially, as proven, for bookkeepers.

In 2015, Mike Co-Funded the Bookkeepers Alliance, a membership organisation to support bookkeepers in practice.

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You can read some of our testimonials from other bookkeepers or below are some example case studies that may be relate to your own situation:

Case Study 1

A bookkeeper who had recently started her practice and firstly wanted support to help find new clients. After establishing her ideal client focus and marketing plan, she quickly increased her client base from 7 client to 26 in just 9 months. Our mentoring support then switched focus to consider the best ways to grow her practice, the considerations of employing people and how to systemise the practice.

Case Study 2

A qualified bookkeeper of 2 years, who held a practising licence already but was just doing her husbands bookkeeping. However it was clear that now her children were at school that she had the desire to grow her business and employ a small team of bookkeepers.
The mentoring centred around the establishment of systems in her business for the recruitment of clients, the day to day operations, the system for processing a job and creating a practice management system.
More recently Mike has reviewed with her the use of her software programme to identify new revenue streams from reports that will benefit her clients.

 Case Study 3

A newly qualified bookkeeper who wanted to establish his own business but was worried that he would find it difficult finding new clients.
Working with Mike across a 4 month period, when they met face to face and by telephone, the mentoring was focused on creating a marketing plan to find his ideal customers. The sessions covered identification of his ideal customer, the action plan of activities to attract those prospective customers and the creation of a marketing plan.
There were also planned discussions following networking meeting attendance and sales meetings to discuss what went well and review any changes needed in the approach next time around.

Case Study 4

Mike was approached as an accedited growth voucher adviser to support a bookkeeper that was starting her own practice, but needed strategic marketing support to help develop her offering, consider her ideal client and identify the copy and tactics that would attract the clients she desired. 

Case Study 5

A client understood the theory of growing her business and had been reading many books. Working together it gave the business a structure, clarity and purpose, which has given her the confidence to stop procrastinating and take well considered actions.
This bookkeeper now knows her market, what her clients want and the right messages to attract interest in her services.

Case Study 6

A client wanted to start her own business but was employed and nervous of taking the risk of going self employed. She has moved to a part time role to build the business, but now has too much work for the Thursday to Sunday that she has for her own practice. A nice problem to have providing her with an opportunity to move full time to her own business with confidence.

So could mentoring also help you and your business?
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